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re: Cleric Defiler Guide

Cleric DPS/Heal – Defiler Guide

This is going to be an informative Defiler guide for those who want to get into the Defiler
and be successful in all aspects. The Defiler is a very capable soul as both damage, and
healing. Whether it be 5 man solo healing, 5 man supporting, or being a member of a raid, you bring more influence to the table per capita than almost any other class in any other soul. A Defiler isn't *required* for anything, but they really are a huge boon to any group or raid.

The Spec

This spec benefits from a ton of extra spell power, currently at about 5 raid gear pieces I have over 5000 SP self buffed.

Key Buffs:

Armor of Devotion: Provides 5% Crit, great.

Heroic Resolve: Provides 60 End, useful in 5 mans.

Healer's Blessing: This buff is amazing for Defiler, it adds around 1000 or more healing to
every single flash heal you do...this Is massive and really makes healing 5 mans a ton easier. Also makes your HoT provide an instant 1k Heal as well...very awesome buff.

Rage Blight: Provides a stacking buff of 4% increased damage everytime you take damage from any source (including your beacon/links), max stacks 5 (20% Damage Buff).

Grief Blight: Provides a stacking buff of 4% increased healing everytime you take damage from any source (including your beacon/links), max stacks 5 (20% Healing Buff).

Blighted Greed: For a 61 Defiler you won't be using this, however for everyone else, let's you get the benefit of Rage/Grief Blight without taking damage. (Does not count as a Link/Stacks with Links)

Feast of the Fallen: Provides a relatively small heal to 5 party/raid members anytime an NPC
is killed, it can provide around 600-1000 heal at higher gear levels...great for fights with lots of adds.

Chimera's Gift: Cheat death once every 2 minutes...or if you're lucky multiple times...anytime
you receive a killing blow you are restored to 25% HP. Buff lasts 5 min, so you may be able to cheat death, reapply, and cheat death again quickly...this is a very often forgotten buff that really can save your skin when taking heavy link damage in addition to heavy raid damage.

Link of Distress/Misery/Suffering/Agony: Your links...5, 10, 20, and 30% damage reduction to the targets you choose...this is what everyone loves a Defiler for, and will be one of the
reason's you can solo heal 5 mans with ease...and what most raids consider the Defiler's best ability.

Key Abilities:

Empowered Affliction: This will be used ALOT, it gives you 7% mana back while lowering your max health by 5% per stack, up to 5 stacks...25% lower max health isn't good, but it doesn't often become a major issue...debuff lasts 10 seconds. In fights where a large health pool is required consider mana tonics/potions...limiting stacks of this to 2-3 at a time...use this constantly between trash for quick mana regen while running.

Jealous Intervention: Your Single target cleanse, especially valuable for 5 mans. Removes 1 Disease/Curse/Poison per cast.

Unstable Transformation: The best CD in the entire game when it comes to healing, hands down. This cooldown has only a 1 min cooldown, it provides the benefit of 50% increased
healing/absorb, 50% less damage taken, and in addition provides a 2-5k heal to the target everytime they are hit, it lasts 10 seconds. This is Healer's Covenant and Nyol's Hope on demand every 60 seconds, plus the additional healing from each hit the target takes, it also does not place a debuff on the target so in reality you can chain this indefinitely on a tank.

Loathsome/Ghastly Restoration/Healing Breath: Your awesome flash heals...all instant cast.
Loathsome has no cooldown and triggers Foul Growth, Ghastly has a 15 second cooldown and is off the GCD also triggers Foul Growth, and Healing Breath is an 8 second cooldown but heals the most if no Foul Growth stacks are on the target.

Hideous Reconstruction: This is overlooked by alot of people, but is actually a very effective HoT, unlike a Warden's Soothing Stream it only requires 1 GCD to be at it's fullest potential. With the 4 Piece Raid Crystal Bonus this actually becomes one of the best HoTs in the entire game...healing for over 15k in 15 seconds. (With high spellpower)

Bond of Pain/Torment/Corruption: These are your 30 second debuffs on the enemy...Pain
providing a steady flow of damage everytime you take any damage (including links), Torment
provides steady healing to the Cleric everytime the enemy causes damage, and Corruption
provides a a very awesome 10% Healing Debuff for 30 seconds, as well as intercepting 10% of said healing and providing 125% of that 10% to the Cleric. Not sure the last part applies in PvE but I know that it is the most effective way to Healing Debuff Matriarch of Pestilence...30 seconds is a LONG time. Not 100% sure but I think the Bonds have an internal cooldown of procing once per second.

Siphon Vitality: Nice spell, counts as a heal for the purpose of keeping your Husk of Indifference up, a fairly standard DOT that also heals you for a small amount.

Husk of Indifference: This keeps you alive when your links are taking massive's your absorb barrier for links this build it should always be refreshing itself everytime you cast any spell that heals you. Does not work with Bond of Torment...that'd be too easy.

Feedback: A relatively small 5 raid/party member heal..will trigger Foul Growths on your links as well when cast. Is a bigger heal for your link targets as well, by 25%. The major thing is it triggers Foul Growth for all links.

Unholy Nexus: Spreads your Bonds/Marrow Harvest/Siphon Vitality to 5 surrounding targets, this helps increase your DPS substantially when there's more than 1 target available. Can do this every 15 seconds.

Foul Growth/Explosive Growth: Foul Growth is a 1.5 second cast time spell that applies 1 stack per cast of Foul Growth, max is 3's basically like a heal bomb, it triggers
after 10 seconds, or if affected by feedback/loathsome or ghastly restoration. Explosive Growth applies 3 stacks of Foul Growth instantly and is triggered early the same way.

Pain Transmission: This is your awesome tool to respectable DPS, and makes you one of the highest DPSing healers in the entire game. This spell is available every 15 seconds, and will radiate damage from every link and yourself, this includes your beacon as well...these 6 "people" will damage up to 3 enemies around them for upwards of 8-12k damage per hit...this is like Soul Drain on does require your "links" and yourself to be within a couple meters or so of the enemy/enemies you wish to damage...but with alittle advance knowledge your group/raid can easily help you pull 8-18k DPS in both 5 mans and raids.

Summon Beacon of Despair: All threat you generate is transferred to the beacon which will "tank" for you. It can be healed, and it can be resummoned every 15's health is low, but not pathetically low...outside of 5 mans and raids it can actually tank pretty well...even against Elites. However in raids/5 mans you want to use this as another "body" for pain transmission. Be aware though, some mechanics can get you killed since you do take 50% of the damage it takes...Crucia for example, if you leave your beacon on the first platform and transition to the second with it still up, you will die. Also does minor damage to everything that hits it, like a small bond of pain.

Vex/Somatic Desecration/Sanction Heretic/Marrow Harvest: These are your primary damage moves, aside from Pain Transmission. Vex should be maintained if DPS is a priority, Sanction Heretic is a nice instant with a DoT, and Marrow Harvest is a pretty nice damage after time move. Somatic Desecration is your go to move when others are on's actually a respectable damage spell in itself.

Death's Embrace: Your standard issue Battle Res, 5 min CD.


DoT/Siphon Macro

#show Siphon Vitality
cast [shift] vex
cast siphon vitality

Spam Macro

#show Somatic Desecration
cast [shift] @mouseover foul growth
cast marrow harvest
cast sanction heretic
cast somatic desecration
cast siphon vitality

Flash Macro

#show ghastly Restoration
cast @mouseover Ghastly Restoration
cast @mouseover Loathsome Restoration

HoT Macro

#show Hideous Reconstruction
cast @mouseover Hideous Reconstruction

Cleanse Macro

#show jealous intervention
cast @mouseover jealous intervention

BREZ Macro

#show Death's Embrace
cast @mouseover Death's Embrace

Link Macros

#show Link of Distresss <---Replace last word with whatever Link Name
cast @mouseover Link of Distress <-- Replace last word with whatever Link Name

Explosive Growth Macro

#show Explosive Growth
cast @mouseover Explosive Growth

Healing Breath Macro

#show healing breath
cast @mouseover healing breath

Unstable Transformation Macro

#show Unstable Transformation
cast @mouseover Unstable Transformation

The above macros will help you alot in both 5 Mans and Raids. I suggest keeping Healing
Breath seperate from your other flashes, since it doesn't proc Growth and can be used as a large emergency heal.

Guide to Experts/5 Mans[/B][/B]

So you've got enough Hit to do Experts, and you're heading in there as a heal it're scared, you're alone. Can it be done? From personal experience, yes...yes it can be done. Mind you it was way easier when Explosive Growth was bugged, but it's still doable. Should you be solo healing Experts as Defiler as a fresh 300 Hit? I'd probably lean toward no, and suggest you ask for support at that stage. Fights where a cleanses are required, especially aoe cleanses will be very very difficult at this stage. Once you're up to about 400 hit, almost nothing in an Expert will bother you anymore..even AOE cleanse mechanics.

How does it work? Well when you're undergeared you're going to want to use your Grief Blight to increase your healing to a level that you can actually keep a tank up during heavy damage, at higher gear levels Rage Blight is usually all you need...except during extremely heavy damage, especially AOE damage. Don't forget your buffs mentioned above. Link the tank with your 30%, and use your discretion to sort out the rest of the a general rule...melee should get the largest links...if there are melee pets, they can get a link if the master of said pet isn't pure derp.

On trash, you're going to want to open each fight like this. Bond of Pain, Beacon of Despair,
Pain Transmission...if tank has taken alot of damage at this point give him Flash Restoration...odds are he will have 2-3 Stacks of Foul Growth from your Pain Transmission he'll get a big chunk of health back. If the tank is taking really big damage throw him an Unstable Transformation then follow it up with Siphon Vitality and Marrow Harvest, click Unholy Nexus if there's multiple mobs to spread this point you can use your spam macro, flash the tank when necessary. If tank is getting demolished feel free to use Explosive Growth and hit him with a Restoration Flash. Every 15 seconds you can Explosive Growth and flash in the same GCD, allowing for a very fast "huge heal".

Refresh Siphon Vitality and your Bond/s Marrow and spread with Nexus as needed...keep spamming away. If you need to heal someone in the party just hit them with a flash, if multiple people need healed hit feedback, whoever doesn't get enough healing, toss them a flash, possibly a hot..use your discretion. For mechanics requiring cleanse, if the number of people needing cleansed is less than 3, go ahead and single target cleanse need for pre-emptive anything. If the number of people needing cleansed is 3 or more, I suggest making sure the tank has 3 stacks of Foul Growth on him (cast Explosive Growth)..cleanse 2-3 people...give the tank a flash to proc his Foul Growth, regive Explosive Growth to tank...cleanse the rest, or just flash them if the damage isn't major. Alot of mechanics you can just flash through them. Some fights will require what I call the pre-emptive heal...third boss in Exodus comes to mind...what you wanna do for this is before the "major" aoe damage starts...give everyone but the tank explosive growth and your HoT...hope the tank has 2-3 stacks himself the damage is decimating your group..wait..wait till their health is about 1/3 left...hit feedback...after that you can probably get by with spamming feedback for the remainder of the damage. On this fight you're gonna want Grief Blight for sure if you're solo healing it.

Don't forget your Chimera buff, it's awesome. Don't forget to spread with Unholy Nexus, don't be stingy with your mana, your regen move is awesome. Use Unstable Transformation to buy you time to heal the party, use it to buy time to regen mana, use it to buy time to flat out go crazy with your DPS as it heals for's a 1 min CD, use it whenever you want, unless you know you're gonna need it for something in particular. Alot of folks think Defiler isn't a good 5 Man Healer..many people swear by 61 Sent...but when you roll in there with your Defiler pulling 2-3k HPS and 10-14k DPS on trash...literally topping the meters on every trash'll see why Defiler brings alot more to the group than 61 Sent. You speed up runs by a substantial amount...on most bosses you'll be able to contribute 3-8k DPS...depending on the cooperation and derpiness of your group to help you do that damage. Rage Blight is your friend, Grief Blight is your friend that you don't call very often, but appreciate all the same. Don't forget yourself, and Beacon are "radiators" for your Pain Transmission as well as links. Everytime you do damage you have x2 the % of the link to apply Foul Growth to your links...this is how we become "sorta" Chloros...with better DPS. =)

Raiding as 61 Defiler

As a Defiler in a raid you're expected to bring the Links baby! And you can do that no doubt...but links aren't the only thing you wanna bring. Bring your Pain Transmission, bring your ability to flash heal the raid very effectivly with your Healer's Blessing allowing for quick burst healing of over 8k every 15 seconds, and 4k flashs at a minimum constantly. Use your feedback to proc Foul Growth on your Links when they need a big heal...otherwise give em a flash if only 1 need the heal. Once you got your 4 Piece Raid Crystal Bonus, feel free to toss a HoT or 2 now and then, they're pretty darn effective. Spread your Bonds/Marrow Harvest/Siphon Vitality. Basically use everything you've learned in 5 Mans...take it to the raid. One thing of importance to note especially in raids, you can die by link does way to help prevent this is make sure Chimera's Gift is up as often as possible, and another thing to make sure you use a healing spell every couple seconds, whether it be Siphon Vitality, Feedback, Flash, anything that provides healing to yourself or others, will refresh your husk...your husk is your life. Sometimes you'll have to spam healing type moves just to keep your husk up.

Most often times you'll be requested to do extra DPS through Pain Transmission and spamming your DPS...healing being secondary...and Unstable Transformation when necessary. Sometimes you'll be asked to heal, go for the Grief Blight them you can pull the HPS out of thin air when you explode with a 25k+ that saved the tank's life...on fights with heavy spike damage like 2 Tank Twins in FT, or Kain in EE...your EG + Flash could very easily be the difference between a kill, and another wipe. As a Defiler you are very versatile as well, being able to flip flop back and forth between being a very respectable DPS..especially AOE a very respectable the drop of a hat. Don't think you can only do one thing during an entire fight...alot of fights have phases where a DPS Defiler would be a huge boon, and then the next phase a spike healer would be a huge boon...know your fights, know your teamates..and success will follow you.

Closing Statements/Tips/Tricks

Gearing for a Defiler isn't really that much different than gearing for other healing/dps reality a Defiler is best suited by increased Spell Power to improve their husk and burst healing well as your DPS. A mix of DPS/Heal Gear would work well, really gearing is a personal preferance for this soul...being as it does both DPS and's your call. A SHOE Trinket works wonders though, especially the Conquest SHOE. =)

Having multiple Defilers in a raid, can's not always a bad thing, their links reduce
overall raid damage by quite alot in raid damage heavy fight in particular I think could benefit from multiple Defilers is Matriarch in EE...due to Pain Transmission/Unholy Nexus being a huge boon for the adds...and having multiple Unstable Transformations...extra BREZs..etc etc. Since Unstable Transformation in theory could be applied consecutively...each Defiler provides what I refer to as "Godmode" to a tank for 1/6 of the if you did run 6 Defilers your tank would be in constant "Godmode".

Outside of Experts/Raids, your Beacon is quite a capable tank...and very easily kept up due to it having a 100% chance to get a stack of Foul Growth each time you do damage. Don't forget your Flaring Glyph/Sigil for Experts...Powerstone for Raids. Empowered Affliction is your friend...use it...use Explosive Growth more liberally if you find yourself having trouble's not that much more costly than manually putting up Foul Growths...and getting back the mana isn't hard with EA.

Defiler was the most unique addition to Storm Legion in my opinion, introducing an entirely new mechanic through the addition of links. Hearing about Defiler made me really sad at first(I wanted another pure DPS Soul), before launch..but after learning it and playing it extensively I see that it really is a great soul, one that deserves 61 Points and a spot on your Roles Bar.

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re: One more macro

This macro will unsummon your Beacon of Despair

#show Beacon of Despair
cancelbuff summon beacon of despair

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